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River Report

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Bud Lilly's West Yellowstone Area Fishing Report

Date: August 20, 2014


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General Info

A touch of Fall in the air as a cool front moves in starting today through the middle of next week - highs only in the low 60s. That should cool some of the warmer waters and get the fish a little more active.

Madison River

Flow at Hebgen is still under 1000 cfs, Kirby Place flow is 1150 cfs and 1280 cfs at Varney. Still some nocturnal stones, caddis, sallies, spruce moths have tapered off a bit and not sure the hoppers will ever get going. The flying ants are out and about. Try streamers early and late.

Smethurst's Stone Bomb 8-10, Black Rubberlegs 8-10, BH Prince 12-14, Hotwire Caddis Chartreuse, RAM Olive 12-14, Zebra Midge Brown 16, BH Crystal Dip. Elk Hair Tan 12-16, Tan Yuba Emerger 14- 16, Super Purple Chubby, Goldie Hawn Sally, Sexy Sally 16, Delectable Twisted Sister Tan 12, Tan Foam Caddis 12, Tubby Olive 12, Para Hopper 12-14, Dave's 12-14, Morrish 10-14, Deer Hair Ant 12, Flying Ant 14.

Gallatin River

The Gallatin is clear in the Park - below Taylor Fork is off color with some more rain in the forecast. PMDs, Sallies, Spruce Moths and small hoppers. 10:00 AM is a good starting time - then fish it til dark.


Hebgen – Full. Gulper fishing has been good - the cooler weather may shut it down for a few days. Callibaetis and Tricos. Buggers, leeches and cray fish patterns if nothing else is happening.

Poxyback Callibaetis nymph 14, Challenged CB 16, Nyman DOA Cripple, Quigley Film Critic, Tilt Wing Dun, HOH Para CB Spinner.

Quake Lake - Same as Hebgen

Henry's Lake – Leeches

Yellowstone Park

Permit fees stayed the same this year - $18 for 3 Day, $25 for 7 Day and $40 for the Season.

New Rule this year - Kids can no longer use worms in Joffe Lake.

Road Construction - Norris to Mammoth road will be closed from Sept 14 to Sept 30. Craig Pass (Old Faithful to Lake) will be closed beginning Sept 2 through the end of the season.

The Firehole is starting to cool off a bit should start to shape up in a week or so. Might start looking at the Madison with these cooler nights might have a few fish starting to move.

Yellowstone Lake has been producing some very large Cutts (24"+) fishing from shore with buggers and leeches - look for Callibaetis around Gull Point on calm mornings.

NE fishing well - doesn't look like the rain the last couple of days affected much. Still some sporadic hatches - drakes 10-11 AM, PMDs 1-2:30 PM. Prospect with smaller hoppers, ants and beetles if nothing is happening. Para Adams 10-14, Green Drake Cripple 12, PMD Thorax 18-20, Sparkle Dun 18-20, Challenged PMD 16-18, Deer Hair Ant 12, Spring Creek Hopper 14.

The upper Yellowstone at about 2100 cfs, we fished it Sunday when it was 2600 and still a bit high. No hatches in the afternoon but still hearing of drakes and PMDs in the AM. Golden Stones, PMDs and Green Drakes were reported taking some nice fish along with Hopper/Dropper combos. Drowned Golden, HF Golden, Quill Body Green Drake 12, Henryville Caddis 14-16, PMD Sparkle Dun 14-16, Tilt WIng Dun 16-18, Para Hopper 12-14, Tubby Olive 12, BH Crystal Dip, RAM 14.

Henry's Fork

The Box is now under 1000 cfs and the water has cleared up. Rubber legs and zebra midges along with lots of caddis - hopper dropper time.

Last Chance and Ranch - PMDs,s, Honey ants and beetles try some small hoppers. Last Chance Cripple, Challenged PMD 16-20, PMD Hackle Stacker, Para PMD Spinner, Clear Wing Spinner, CDC Caddis Emerger Olive 14-18, Hemingway Caddis 14-18, HOH Honey Ant 14, Water Wasp, Spring Creek Hopper.

Warm River to Ashton - Hopper Dropper time!

Other Info

WE'VE GOT THE SAGE Method in stock in 5 and 6 WT as well as the new Winston BIII LS

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Bud Lilly's Trout Shop

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